Welcome to Dublin Cat Fair!

Dublin Cat Fair is the first ever cat event of its kind in Ireland. This is a one day event where experts in the cat industry will give free lectures on various cat subjects. They will also show case their products and services at various stalls. The fair takes place in the Wynn's Hotel on Abbey's Street, it's central location makes sure it's easily accessible by cat lovers all over Dublin and for those who are from outside Dublin. The hotel also has a beautiful lounge with full bar services where cat lovers can relax and chat with fellow cat lovers before and after their visits. This is the ultimate cat lover experience! Definitely an event not to be missed! 

Dublin Cat Fair is the brainchild of Alice Chau-Ginguene. She is the owner of Maow Care, a cat care service that provides cat sitting, behavioural therapy and workshops. After years of attending cat events in other countries, she decided to finally give it a try to organise our very own Irish event of this kind. 

In the coming weeks, we will run post to spotlight our exhibitors and speakers. Follow this blog if you don't want to miss the posts when they come up. You might also want to follow our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram